Ballerina Themed Bridal

May 23, 2017 Blog 1 Comment

Ballerina Themed Bridal


Ballerina Themed Bridal – I did it, my first ballerina themed bridal session. Nearly two years ago my wife and I attended our first ballet production in downtown Houston for her birthday. We went to watch the Nutcracker. It was amazing! I was immediately impressed by the level of precision, the grace in which the dancers moved and the overall theatrics of the event. My wife, a former dancer in both college and high school truly enjoyed the night. I have been heavily intrigued by the opportunity to photograph a professional ballet dancer.

I had the distinct pleasure of working with a Houston Ballet dancer and shoot a bridal session. I have always been a fan of the arts and it was something that I’ve been dying to do, so when I was given the green light to work with Megumi I knew I had to cherish the moment. Megumi was such a pleasure to work with and you can immediately see the level of talent she had while she warmed up and did some stretching.

Of all the projects that I have captured over the course of my career, I have to say this was one of my proudest. It was a true dream to capture this elegance. I wanted to create imagery that would truly expand my portfolio and highlight one of the most beautiful arts that exist, ballet. Thanks for reading, enjoy the imagery! Ed.

Ballerina Bridals-1 Ballerina Bridals-2 Ballerina Bridals-3 Ballerina Bridals-4 Ballerina Bridals-5 Ballerina Bridals-6 Ballerina Bridals-7 Ballerina Bridals-8 Ballerina Bridals-9 Ballerina Bridals-10 Ballerina Bridals-11 Ballerina Bridals-12 Ballerina Bridals-13

Make-up Artist: Yvonne Shae Make-up Artistry

Florist: KA Artistic Events