Classy Downtown Houston Engagement Photos

January 9, 2017 Blog 0 Comments

Classy Downtown Houston Engagement Photos

Hannah + Jeff

Classy Downtown Houston Engagement Photos – Hannah is studying to become a lawyer and Jeff is a physician and when she initially sent me a request to capture her engagement session she mentioned classy. When I met them, I knew this would be a great fit as they were such free spirits and truly enjoyed the moment. We started in the colorful Jones Plaza and worked our way around a few blocks finding anything and everything that caught our eye. Jeff was giving us all of the back-story for the buildings and the recent improvements and construction downtown. Hannah is not from Houston so it was truly a treat to make some of these discoveries along with her.

We finished the session on one of the coolest parking garages downtown. Shooting rooftop images with the city backdrop hold a special place in my heart and I’m utterly thankful that Hannah and Jeff allowed me to capture their engagement. They will tie the knot in Colorado. I hope that I’m traveling along for that! Wish me luck! Thanks for reading! Ed.

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