Family Photos Houston Texas| Meredith & Patrick w/ Baby Colton

April 8, 2014 Blog 0 Comments

Family Photos Houston Texas with Meredith & Patrick w/ Baby Colton

In this industry, the highest form of a compliment is a referral. Next and a close second to a referral is a repeat customer. I meant Patrick a few years ago while we were meeting up for summer two-a-days as football coaches. When he and his wife Meredith were expecting I offered my photography services to him and his lovely wife. The maternity photo session for Baby Colton was EPIC with a baseball centered them.

We continued the fun doing his newborn pictures, three-month-old pictures, six-month-old Christmas Holiday pictures and now his ninth month old spring pictures. This was the first session that we took baby Colton outside and he didn’t disappoint with the wind at his back.

The first time we went out for the second half of the session some birds dropped a few loads on us and made us end the session early. However, we were able to get back out there on another beautiful day and finish what we started.

Well, I can’t keep you from these images any longer. Enjoy

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