Greek Fraternity Sorority Engagement Photos

January 9, 2017 Blog 1 Comment

Greek Fraternity Sorority Engagement Photos

Krishonta + Aaron

Greek Fraternity Sorority Engagement Photos – Okay, I’m going to admit something. Not often do I share my inner most secrets on my photography page so you better keep track of this! I wanted to pledge. Not allegiance to the flag, but my allegiance to a fraternity when I was in college. I remember seeing the Omegas with the gold boots cruising around campus. It seemed fun, but I heard a bunch of stories about the initiation process and I was definitely not up for that. So, I never pledged. I know that would have made for a completely different college experience, but you can never go back and change that, so hopefully my boys pledge one day! Okay, confession over! I have another thing to admit too. I love photographing Greek Fraternity and Sorority engagement sessions and weddings! You talk a sense of connection and pride, you have to consider what these sessions have to offer.

I met Krishonta and Aaron through their wedding planner who followed me on Instagram from Atlanta. They are new to the Houston area and she wanted to entrust them with a photographer who could capture their vision. When the said they wanted to start out by the wall art I knew that would photograph well. We skipped over to Cullen Sculpture Garden then finished up on the always popular and well received Sabine Street Bridge. We had a blast, the session was filled with laughter, smiles and a few kisses (both impromptu and requested). One week away from Martin Luther King Jr. Day it felt fitting to share a pose underneath his beautiful mural (shown below). Thanks again for reading, Ed.

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